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One of those weeks

Lately I hadn't been feeling.......cheerful??? optimistic??? upbeat???......what ever....just feeling stressed.

TGIF.......I really need a job right now where I have to destroy something and I am allow to use a mallet....... >.
Well, on Sunday I run my first 1/2 Marathon, I was quite apprehensive at first as I had never run the distance before (once before I run 15km and another on 12km)

Things went better than expected, I manage to finish in less than 2hrs (just shy of that time but it counts ^^) which was my goal.

Although I am all happy with the result, now as usual I am thinking in the next year.......should I go for the full Marathon???


10th ANNIVERSARY!!! ^^

Yeaph.........my wife and I are celebrating 10 years!!! ^^

*does a happy dance

Busy, busy.....

Recently I had have much chance to join in to a good chat or spend time on the internet in general......hell to have some time to slow down.

Lately life seems had taken a spin for the busy street, and now I have less time to just sit (right now I am in a ...."time spa" for the next 20min)and do as I please.

It i not that is all bad, I do things that I want......but the problem seems to be that I want too many.....maybe I need to accept this new situation, maybe I need to decelerate a little bit.

Life it is too short so I want to do many things but doing too many things is not leaving time to enjoy them.....life is too short so I want to enjoy what I do.

I am back......

My last trip is coming to an end, today I start my return home.

The trip was great, but I can not wait to be back...... ^^

I got thinking how different the idea of home is for everybody, for some will be a place, for other will be with a group of people and for other is both or even something completely different......whatever it defines such sentiment we can not denny that the feeling of belonging is a strong one.....
I had been challenged so......


1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Tell you my least favorite thing about you.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.
Again, due to work related issues, I was pulled from my assignment at Dead Horse, Alaska..... however I can say that although I did not saw any polar bear, brown(grizzly) bear, musk ox, but only 2 arctic foxes in the dawn while driving(hence no pictures :-P) I enjoyed this trip, I have nothing against Americans, but the people from Alaska had to be one of the most friendly and down to earth that I had met, people who work hard, enjoy family a friends company, and value a true friendship more than a possession.... ^^

Now I am going back home but not to rest a new challenge arises ......so here we go again.

I couldn't avoid having some mixed feelings when I left as I might no go back again, this trip made me remember how much I enjoy been in distant weird places, and how people make a huge difference; at the same time I am going close to the ones I love most, I am going back home.

Going to sleep....I have been 30 hrs awake straight... +_+

surprise, surprise..............

No matter how much we decide to plan our lives ahead, life has a funny way to surprise us.

As said in previous post, 2010 had been a little bumpy of a ride so far, but I was looking forward to get back on track, enjoy life and do some of the stuff that I want to do and enjoy doing with family and friends, go out, visits, ....

With my wife away, juggling with 2 kids and work and the house was an adventure an though at some points I did wanted to pull out my hairs I will do it again in a hearth beat.

On the good note, after 2 weeks vacation my wife is coming back in some hours (had to drive to Calgary to pick her up) so we all will be together again.

On the not so good side, I was advice on Friday that due to a problem during production on a PO we need to have some huge amount of pipe repaired in Alaska........and they want me to go to supervise the repairs(good....they thrust me for a critical job, bad ......they thrust me for a critical job that is in the end of nowhere) I might be out from 2 to 6 weeks.......and need to leave by Wednesday the latest >.<


Life goes on........

Time passes and still I feel confused, why once we doubt ourselves is so hard to regain the lost confidence??? why when we doubt ourselves we see things in a different scale??

I do not want to think or feel this way, I just want shake this stupid feelings from me


How often we feel something is missing...... and I do not mean a possession or object just something.

Sometimes I feel I am drifting just letting myself go to whatever life takes me and is not that I had it bad, actually I think I had it pretty good in life, but probably the lack of strength or capacity or (better yet) actually knowing where the heck I want it to steer life at, makes it feel as if something is missing.

I once experienced a similar feeling when I received my university diploma, I remember waiting for my family (we agree to meet in a specific spot in the campus) and being sitting there looking at the diploma, then around me, and then thinking.......now what? I had pushed myself for a specific goal for the last 5 years and now I was done, of course this rapidly resolved once I started looking for a job but you get the idea.

What a great feeling is to have purpose on our own lives, however I think my problem is not that I lack purpose in mine but that my goals are set too far in time (years/decades) or not clear enough, and although such way of thinking has still allowed me to "steer" in certain direction there is no immediate retribution or better said "sense of fulfillment" over the plans.

I will have to work this year as when I develop new goals that have shorter "life spans" and for those that are in place to ground them better (add some milestones) or a clearer defined goal.

Anyway, I will have to re-think the way I see life (from a pragmatic point of view).

Sorry guys for boring you with these vague lines, I just had to put them out.............